Some Comments from Knitters

3. Knitting Sanquhar Gloves Today

“Knitting at a high gauge (10 to 12 stitches per inch) is an exhilarating challenge for me. To apply that to the brilliant mathematical logic of the Sanquhar glove architecture is even more rewarding! Once I know the number of stitches I need to knit the glove, I hardly need to look at the directions again, as the knitting advances in such a fashion. But even more than that is the feeling of connectedness to knitters in times past that I get from knitting an historical piece. I love to teach my class about Sanquhar Gloves.”  — Beth Brown-Reinsel

“From the moment I saw and tried on my friend’s Sanquhar ‘Duke’ gloves I was smitten. The thumb gusset fit my hand to perfection and seeing the fine architecture of the pattern right down to the triangular fingertips was an experience of utter satisfaction. I had never knit a glove before, but I just had to try now!”  — “Corvid” on Ravelry