Published Patterns

3. Knitting Sanquhar Gloves Today

The first published patterns for Sanquhar gloves date from the mid-1950s. The UK firm, Patons & Baldwins issued a leaflet, entitled Sanquhar Gloves: A Traditional Scottish Style, while the women’s magazine, The People’s Friend, published patterns for Sanquhar gloves and a matching scarf.  In supplements given with The People’s Friend magazine, The Sanquhar Knitting Book, and The Scottish Knit Book Number 1, patterns were given for gloves in the ‘Cornet and Diamond’ (or ‘Drum’) pattern and for gloves and a scarf in the ‘Rose and Trellis’ pattern. The Scottish Women’s Rural Institute (SWRI) continued to publish patterns for Sanquhar knitting in the 1960s and 1970s. These and other patterns are still available and are a great starting point for anyone wanting to knit Sanquhar gloves.

Illustrations © The People’s Friend. Used by Kind Permission of The People’s Friend