Features of Sanquhar Gloves

2. What are Sanquhar Gloves?

There are several features that distinguish Sanquhar gloves:

  • Small geometric patterns in two colours only: Image 1.
  • Two colour rib, can vary in detail: Image 2.
  • Initials and date on cuff, also found on other gloves knitted in Yorkshire, for example. The gloves pictured do not have the initials or date as they were not knitted for a particular person. (Click Here for an example with initials.)
  • Construction: thumb shaping, finger gussets and top of finger shaping: Images 3 and 4.
  • The yarn specified on old patterns is “drugget,” thought to have been a wool yarn locally produced for a carpet factory in the area. Today wool is still used, although contemporary knitters also use wool blends, including “sock yarn” which contains a percentage of nylon. All four patterns published by the Scottish Women’s (Rural) Institute still specify “drugget” as the wool used.” Projects made from these patterns can be viewed on Ravelry.