Contemporary Sanquhar Knitwear

2. What are Sanquhar Gloves?

Sanquhar gloves are still produced in the town of Sanquhar, and these pairs were offered for sale in the local arts centre in October of 2013.
(Note: The brown and yellow pair appears earlier in images HERE.)

In 2015, two online vendors extend into the 21st century the tradition of selling these distinctive hand-knitted goods. Both of these merchants offer items in the distinctive Sanquhar patterns beyond the traditional glove form.

  • Sanquhar Pattern Designs is a community project run by A’ the Airts in the town. They make a range of Sanquhar patterned items, mainly on domestic machines, but also traditional hand-knitted gloves. Their web site has information about the patterns HERE.
  • The Sanquhar Knitwear Company makes Sanquhar pattern knitwear – primarily flip-top mitts — and has information about the patterns on its web site HERE.