Characteristics of Sanquhar Gloves

2. What are Sanquhar Gloves?

These examples of Sanquhar gloves, knitted in Sanquhar, Scotland came into the collection of the Knitting & Crochet Guild (“KCG”) of the UK through individual donations in the 1990s. It was typical to personalise the gloves with the owner’s or purchaser’s initials.  All examples shown here feature the ‘Duke’ pattern and are finely and densely knitted in wool at a gauge of 48 stitches by 56 rows/4 inches/10 cms. The pair on the left are child’s size and the others fit adults. The colours, black and white or brown and yellow, are the ones most commonly used. Features of Sanquhar gloves include the cuff, knitted in two colours, the initials of the wearer above that, the sharply shaped thumb gusset and small geometric patterns in the knitted fabric.