5. References & Acknowledgements

Beth and Angharad want to thank the following for their help and support:

Nancy Bush, USA

Sue Carne, UK

“Corvid,” CAN

Judy Furlong, UK

Laurel Guilfoyle, UK

Wendy D. Johnson, USA

May McCormack, Sanquhar, UK

Diane Pearsall, USA

Michelle Poulin-Alfeld, USA

Chelsea Reinsel, USA

Barbara Smith, Publications Curator, Knitting & Crochet Guild, UK

Nathan Taylor, UK

Tom van Deijnen, UK

Carolyn Vance, USA



Dumfries Museum, Dumfries, UK

Knitting and Crochet Guild of the UK



Cast-On Magazine, USA

Knitting Magazine, UK

The Peoples’ Friend, UK


The Center for Knit and Crochet thanks all who have contributed time and talent to create our inaugural online exhibition.

First, we are deeply indebted to Dr. Angharad Thomas and Beth Brown-Reinsel, guest Co-curators, for providing scholarship, images, and extensive technical expertise.  As a result of their international collaboration, viewers can see notable collections and contemporary expressions of Sanquhar knitting from around the globe that make SANQUHAR GLOVES: A Living Scottish Tradition a rich experience of Sanquhar knitting past and present.

We also thank the following members of the CKC Board of Directors and volunteers:

Jolie Elder, CKC Vice President and Exhibitions Coordinator, and Karen Kendrick-Hands, CKC Founder and Director, who invited Dr. Angharad Thomas and Beth Brown-Reinsel to create SANQUHAR GLOVES: A Living Scottish Tradition.

Jolie Elder and Jennifer Lindsay, CKC President, who worked closely with the co-curators to shape the scope, content, and presentation of the exhibition so that it fully serves CKC’s mission to facilitate further scholarship and appreciation of knitting, crochet, and related arts.

Rebecca Keyel, technical editor, who created the bibliography, footnotes, and links to supporting collections and resources.

Nicole Scalessa, CKC Secretary, who developed the CKC’s website, and produced the smart, aesthetically pleasing online format that delivers SANQUHAR GLOVES: A Living Scottish Tradition for your enjoyment.